This is a guide to Photography in New Zealand on a MoaTrek Small Group tour, from Kiwi Guide Matt Lysaght and written for enthusiastic amateur photographers who love the idea of travelling around New Zealand with their camera with an experienced local guide to help them get the best shots. Our tours are not specialist “photography tours” with professional photographers as guides, but with our small groups, lots of free time built into the itinerary and the off the beaten track places we visit there are so many opportunities for photographers to create that perfect New Zealand travel gallery to their portfolio. 

In this introduction, MoaTrek Kiwi Guide Matt shares his experiences helping guests capture those moments, he’ll talk about the type of photos you can take, some of his favourite memories and specific spots on tour where people have had great success with their photography. We also include lots of guest photos from trips as well, so you can see exactly what we mean, after all, no introduction to photography in New Zealand would be complete without some hard evidence!

More Useful Resources for Photography in New Zealand

So many of our guests love taking pictures all over New Zealand on their trip and we know these photos bring a lot of joy to everyone afterwards and we’re grateful that guests often share them with us as well, nothing brings a smile to our faces like seeing the wonderful stories of our trips told through the photos of guests.

We hope this guide helps anyone who loves taking photos while travelling and has New Zealand on their bucket list to visit.

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