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Here's the original MoaTrek video from the 1970s!

MoaTrek today

Fifty years on, MoaTrek is still going strong and still doing what we love, sharing all our favourite places and expriences in New Zealand with travellers.

No longer working out of Ena's kitchen, the team are now based in the Auckland CBD and our passionate Kiwi Guides are spread around the country.

The MoaTrek team on Great Barrier Island

What's a Moa?

Unique to New Zealand, Moa lived for 60 million years in a lush, peaceful and primeval landscape until the end of the 13th century. Like the Kiwi, Moa couldn't fly - instead, they walked everywhere.

Unfortunately, they were no match for the Maori, the new migrants to New Zealand, who saw them as a tasty, easy-to-catch resource and didn't hesitate to put them on the menu and make cloaks from their feathers. Now extinct, these birds once came in several sizes - from small (1.3m tall) to very big (2m tall and weighing 250kgs).

Life sized Moa statues and the MoaTrek coach

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