The ancient Tane Mahuta

New Zealand’s Top Short Bush Walks

24 Sep 2014

New Zealand boasts some of the best short walks in the world and you don’t need to do a multi-day hike to get a taste of our wonderful flora, fauna and landscapes.

Here at Moa Trek, we understand the pleasure that a short walk in New Zealand’s Great Outdoors can bring and our small group tours offer ample opportunities to soak up the back-country magic. All lovers of nature take special delight in relaxing strolls along our more accessible walking tracks, well formed and following some truly spectacular routes. Discover a slice of heaven in the hidden trails of the awe-inspiring kauri forests at Waipoua or the dramatic valleys, rich birdlife and clear blue water of the South Island's beech forests. It's the perfect excuse to stretch your legs in the fresh air when we take a break from the scenic highways. What's more, you'll encounter unique birdlife and once-in-a-lifetime sights, from enormous and ancient kauri trees to some of the last unspoiled waterways in the world. Inspired? Read on for a taste of our favourite short walks on tour.

Walk with the giants - Waipoua Forest

The forests of New Zealand’s Far North are home to a very special, natural living treasure. Hitting the trail with Footprints Waipoua, we join a knowledgeable local guide who shares with us the unique historical perspective of the Maori people of yesteryear. And it's easy to see why this forest is sacred to all kiwis - some of the world’s most majestic and gigantic trees live here and the largest of them, Tane Mahuta 'lord of the forest' is the largest living tree in the country and a sight to behold. You'll also stand before our oldest living tree. This is one short walk that you simply can't miss - the trail is extremely pleasant, easy going and down-right unforgettable!

The Beech Forest at Haast Pass 

Haast Pass is a spectacular scenic road that links Wanaka and Haast and naturally, this pathway through paradise is a Moa Trek touring highlight. We know a thing or two about comfortable coach travel, so getting off the highway to stretch our legs in some invigorating mountain air comes with the package. The great beech forests in this part of the country make for a heavenly stroll and bird watchers will revel in the chance to observe some of our precious and melodic winged beauties. The Haast walking tracks are suitable for folks of all ages and fitness ability, so there's only tranquil rainforest and clear flowing streams separating you from the azure blue pools and remote wilderness vistas that decorate these trails. Cast a sharp eye over the clear waters and you may spot the graceful rainbow & brown trout that thrive here, or, if your luck is really in, you'll enjoy the privilege of a rare blue mountain duck sighting.


Take a stroll in the mountains of Arthur's Pass 

While the grand views from Arthur’s Pass are top-notch, nothing beats the feeling of lacing up your sneakers and experiencing the beauty up close and personal. The lovely forest trail here unveils the very best of Arthur's Pass, a place that showcases a great variety of alpine shrubs, magnificent waterfalls and more of that wonderful South Island beech forest. The views from the gently meandering track are first class and the birdsong is delightful, courtesy of a whole host of native avian species including the tui, wood pigeon, shining cuckoo and the cheeky kea. 

Many of our Small Group Tours showcase New Zealand’s diverse forest habitats. On easy-going strolls, you'll gain an insight into the stunning native flora and fauna that makes New Zealand one of the top travel destinations in the world. Click here for more information on MoaTrek's carefully crafted small group tours, or contact us directly.

24 Sep 2014
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