The Coromandel, New Zealand

New Zealand's best beaches - Hot Water Beach

05 Mar 2015

When you ask people what they know about New Zealand there is one thing (apart from Hobbits) that usually springs to mind – our beautiful beaches. With stretches of white sand and picture-perfect blue waters on the east coast, to the black-sandy, rough and tumble crashing waves on the west, New Zealand beaches have it all. Kiwi holiday makers love the Coromandel. 

Of all these New Zealand beaches it’s hard to pick those that truly stand out, but one that often tops lists as the most iconic and loved is the aptly named Hot Water Beach. 

Hot Water Beach is found not far from the cute little coastal town of Whitianga, on the east coast of the sunny Coromandel on New Zealand’s North Island.  The beach is part of the v-shaped Mercury Bay which is also home to Hahei beach, another New Zealand favourite. 

So what makes Hot Water Beach so special? The fact that you can enjoy your own little slice of paradise in a hand-dug Jacuzzi, filled with naturally hot mineral water just metres from the powerful Pacific Ocean is a great place to start.

Magical Hot Water Beach 

Volcanic landscapes and bubbling geysers can be found across New Zealand, but Hot Water Beach allows you to get up close and personal with this geological phenomenon, unique to this part of the world. 

What makes Hot Water Beach even more special is you can only experience the magic of this beach at certain times, two hours either side of the low tide. The beach itself can only be reached by walking through a small stream – so comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting wet are advised. 

Below the sand of Hot Water Beach, natural hot water, the culmination of two underground reservoirs of volcanic heated waters, filters to the surface where the beach meets the ocean. 

All you need to enjoy a relaxing soak in your own hand-dug spa pool is a spade – you can either take your own of hire one from one of the local cafes – and a swimming costume (although swimming at in the ocean is not advised).  

As the name suggests the water at Hot Water Beach can be extremely hot with temperatures known to reach a maximum of 64°C (147°F) in some places. To get the best out of Hot Water Beach it pays to pick a spot close to the waters edge, letting the cool water from the Pacific Ocean mix with the bubbling mineral water for a perfect temperature range. 


Explore the Coromandel

Not far from Hot Water Beach is another truly stunning spot. Stretches of white sand and limestone outcrops, expertly created by Mother Nature herself, stand Cathedral Cove apart from anywhere else in New Zealand.  The landscape of Cathedral Cove is so perfect it was used to depict the otherworldly land of Narnia in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. 

Cathedral Cove is only accessible by foot, boat or kayak – but matter how you get there, the trip is worth it. 

Cathedral Cove is a New Zealand marine reserve – the sixth in New Zealand - that has a life of its own beneath the clear blue waters.  You can even say hello to some of underwater inhabitants with a trip out on the water in a glass bottom boat.

The sheltered nature of Cathedral Cove also makes it the perfect spot for another of New Zealand’s must-do activities – a feast of freshly caught fish and steaming hot chips on the beach.


Visit Hot Water Beach with MoaTrek

Let MoaTrek take you on an unforgettable journey to some of our most loved New Zealand beaches. With over 30-years experience in the touring industry, our perfectly crafted small tours take you on an epic journey of discovery without any of the hassle. 

MoaTrek visit Hot Water Beach on our Coromandel Caper 4 day tour from Auckland. Other Coromandel highlights include the beautiful Hahei Beach and an optional visit to Cathedral Cove.


05 Mar 2015
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