A lot of people who tell us they have up to two weeks vacation time for New Zealand have always wanted to fit in a tour of the highlights of New Zealand. While 14 days is the perfect length of time to see the very best of the country, you can still see a great deal on a New Zealand 7 day tour. 

Here are our 7 - 14 day New Zealand itineraries, packed with experiences and people you’ll never forget. Boiling mud and geysers, living Maori villages, lunar landscapes, golden sand beaches, aquamarine ocean, creatures from the deep, alpine worlds of rock and ice, primordial rainforest stretching from mountaintop to sea and glacial fiords that defy the laws of nature. 

One way to see all this is months of travel to lots of different countries - the other is to come on down and book 7 days (or two weeks) in New Zealand for the adventure of a lifetime!