Meet our MoaTrek Kiwi Guide Paul at the Beautiful Hokianga

Meet your Kiwi Guide - Paul

Here is Paul from MoaTrek, another familiar face, enjoying the beautiful Hokianga. Paul is our funny man on the trip.

MoaTrek Kiwi Guide Intro Video - Matt

Meet your Kiwi Guide - Matt

Gidday to Matt from MoaTrek. Matt is one of our stalwart kiwi guides of MoaTrek and our customers love him.

MoaTrek Kiwi Guide Intro Video - Mike

MoaTrek Kiwi Guide - Mike

Here's Mike from MoaTrek, on the beach edge of the beautiful Hokianga Harbour. Find out Mike's favourite memory from last season, and what his handy little tip is for this season... 

MoaTrek Kiwi Guide Intro Video - Andrew

MoaTrek Kiwi Guide - Andrew

Here's Andrew from MoaTrek, enjoying the sunshine in the Hokianga. Find out Andrew's favourite spots on the road and his travel tip for before you get here!

MoaTrek Kiwi Guide Intro Video - Graeme

MoaTrek Kiwi Guide - Graeme

Say Gidday to Graeme from MoaTrek our in-house Exploration Geologist. Graeme is passionate about the earth, metals and the processes around this, and has experience working all around the world!

MoaTrek Kiwi Guide Intro Video - Brent

MoaTrek Kiwi Guide - Brent

Say Giddy to Brent our Kiwi Guide from MoaTrek, standing on the beach at the beautiful Hokianga Harbour.

Say hi to Tanya from MoaTrek - Intro Video

Meet the MoaTrek family - Tanya

Here's Tanya enjoying a day out at Waiheke Island. Her favourite holiday memories as a kid? Beaches up north and lakes down south...

Meet the MoaTrek Family - Miles

MoaTrek Family - Miles

Miles is the 'Big Moa', the man at MoaTrek. Say gidday to Miles and hear where his favourite spots are in the North and South Islands are, plus his favourite childhood holiday memories.

Meet the MoaTrek Family - Ena

MoaTrek Family - Ena

Say hi to Ena from MoaTrek, she started it all back in the 1970s!

Meet your MoaTrek Kiwi Guide - Richard

MoaTrek Kiwi Guide - Richard

Say gidday to MoaTrek 'Kiwi Guide' Richard Gallagher. He's in front of the camera leading a tour on a sunny day in Rotorua.