Tipping in New Zealand - the complete guide for visitors. If you’re planning on visiting this wonderful country and want the definitive guide to who and how much to tip, you’ve come to the right place. By the end of this article, you’ll know as much as anyone about how to tip in New Zealand.

Andrew Wells

Once you’ve decided now’s the time for your dream trip to New Zealand, there are a few logistics you need to figure out, like what’s the best way to access your money and pay for things? 

What’s the best way to access your cash to buy things like meals, activities and souvenirs? When should you use a Debit Card? When is a Credit Card best? Which Credit Cards are best for travelling in New Zealand with? And how do you minimize the fees you pay to withdraw cash while you’re travelling? 

Tanya - Office Team

If you’re planning a dream trip to New Zealand and have finally decided that now is the time, you’ll want to figure out one very important thing, how much will my New Zealand trip cost?

Ena from MoaTrek by Lake Wakatipu