Glynis Hull

MoaTrek small group at Lake Rotoiti in Nelson Lakes
Kiwi 12 Day Tour

This was the trip of a lifetime for me. It met and exceeded my expectations! I can't recall another time in my life that I had such a good time for two weeks. I feel like I was given New Zealand on a silver platter! The trip was well set up, the activities suitable to all adults, the accommodations exceptional, the food and company pleasurable, the knowledge of the guide superb, the coach comfortable for longer days of travel, the office group very helpful each step of the way, and that I got to see so much of New Zealand that I will always have wonderful memories to look back on. In fact, I am putting a book together of my pictures so I can show people how beautiful the country is and what I was privileged to see and do. Thank you MoaTrek for the time of my life!