Tommy & Soo Fong

MoaTrek small group at the Castle Hill rock formation in Canterbury
United Kingdom
Kakapo 21 Day Tour

This was the furthest distance and longest time we've been away from home in the UK and we were a little bit apprehensive to be spending so much money on the tour. From day one all the way through to when we were dropped off at the airport and waved our goodbyes, the tour was fantastic in every way. Tanya helped ease our worries about the tour and got us booked in with no hassle and a lot of useful information and Andrew, our tour guide, is just a fantastic guy with a lot of knowledge of the country but above all, was very approachable and helpful throughout the journey. New Zealand is a beautiful country and that was made better by the organised activities included within the tour price shared with a small and intimate group; not so big that you feel like cattle being herded from tourist spot to tourist spot but big enough to enjoy a diverse social group. We chose to pay for some of the additional activities but were never put under pressure to buy into them; it was our choice and well worth it. That aside, we do believe the tour is brilliant with enough activities even if we hadn't bought the extra activities; we were just feeling more and more adventurous as the days rolled by. We're back home now and already planning a return trip to NZ thanks to Moa Trek opening our eyes to the wonder of the country. Thank you!