John O'Meara

Kakapo Tour - The Bruce - Group Shot
Republic of Ireland
Kakapo 21 Day Tour

Our MoaTrek tour guide, Nigel, was without question, the best tour guide I have ever met and a driver to be proud of. He was simply amazing – a Kiwi to the core with a passion for the outdoors and an encyclopaedic knowledge of his home country and so many others (anthropology, botany, current affairs, economics, environmental issues, geography, geology, history, politics – you name it, Nigel knew it). A fountain of knowledge and a person of great integrity, kindness and compassion, Nigel is highly competent and was source of good humour and reassurance throughout the trip. Nigel, through his desire to go the extra mile and make ever passing moment light-hearted, interesting and customised in a way that only he knew how due to the love he has for his native land, he single-handedly turned this tour into a riveting adventure. Providing us all with our comprehensive MoaTrek Map of New Zealand just added to the sense of adventure, not to mention the occasional beach picnic or evening soirée that we would enjoy as a group for good measure!