Bill and Lesley Oakley

MoaTrek guests Bill & Lesley Oakley at Huka Falls
Kakapo 21 Day Tour

This tour met all our expectations and more! We saw so much of your beautiful country - places we would have never had been to and people we would have never met on our own - and all shared with a lovely group of fellow travellers. Matt, our guide was exceptional, his knowledge of your country's history was amazing. Along with his story telling skills, humour and organisational skills he 'shepherded' us thorough the extensive itinerary with ease. Sadly, owing to the severe weather conditions, for a couple of days our itinerary was somewhat curtailed and meant more time spent on the coach avoiding road blocks and rock falls but still Matt managed to find alternative activities for our merry group of travellers.

Ran out of superlatives to justify this amazing MoaTrek tour - fantastic memories of wonderful places we saw, facts we learned, activities we did and people we met and travelled with - what more can you ask from a holiday.