Anne Lee

View of Milford sound - Moatrek Tour review
Kiwi 12 Day Tour

Our family of 4 did the 12 Day Kiwi Tour over Christmas with 6 other travelers and our intrepid guide Dianne Dobbs. It was a vacation we will never forget. From our first queries to the Moatrek office last year to our hugs goodbye on the last day, our experience has been nothing short of the perfect holiday. We would not change one thing about the itinerary, the varied activities from active to otherworldly to jaw droppingly beautiful, the hotels, the special lunches, the serendipitous side tours, even the many rest stop cafes were each a pleasure in their own ways. Our guide Di was wonderful - knowledgeable and passionate about her country, with the ability to turn strangers into a family in a matter of hours, quick thinking and adaptable when she needed to be, and in control of every situation. Despite NZ being 21 hours away, I think the 4 of us can envision coming back again.