Small group tours are the best way to travel if you are a solo traveller. Easier than travelling in large intimidating groups, and safer, you will find you get to know everyone and make new friends in no time. And because our groups are so personal and you have enjoyed so many shared experiences, with photos to swap, it’s more than likely you will stay connected with your fellow travellers long after you have returned home. Around 25% of our travellers are exploring on their own and the majority of them are women.







How does MoaTrek look after solo travellers on tour in New Zealand?

If you have some flexibility with your travel dates, check in with our MoaTrek team and we will let you know the tour dates that have the most single travellers already on board. Travelling as part of a group, you'll automatically be included in everything we do. Your Kiwi Guide is always aware of when you're most likely to need advice or help. 

First rule of thumb on tour is talk to your Kiwi  Guide, their job is to help you in any way they can and they're there for you.

Solo traveller at the Mauria Falls in New Zealand

Arrival meet and transfer included

We know how good it feels to settle down in your airline seat with your next destination New Zealand knowing you are on your way and everything is taken care of when you touch down. To make it easy for you, we will always be there to meet you at the airport on arrival and transfer you to your accommodation.

Your Room

We have minimised the additional cost of our single supplement while still ensuring as a solo traveller you have the comfort of your own room which is exactly the same size room as the couples who are sharing a double room. (NB New Zealand hotel rooms are the same size regardless of whether the room is for one or two people. There are no designated “single” rooms.)

Getting ready for your trip

Once you have your booking confirmed you’re bound to find a few questions pop up. Any query, no matter how small, we’re here to help – dial our free call numbers or email our office and Tanya, Tracy or Alisha will be in touch.

Starting your MoaTrek tour

On the evening before your tour starts your Kiwi guide will phone to talk over your meeting arrangements for the next morning. From there on your experienced Kiwi guide is at hand to answer your queries, assist with any arrangements and take care of your luggage arranging porterage to and from your hotel room. Whether you want to find a great café or the best places to shop your guide will have the answer.

On the road with MoaTrek

You will find one relaxing day flows on into another. Along the way there are a number of included activities with your group, sailing to the hot pools on Lake Rotoiti or flying back from Milford Sound, for instance. But there will be time for you to do your own thing too walking out from your hotel along the lake or seafront or into a mountain valley. Our accommodation is chosen for its sense of place and natural beauty and you will have time to enjoy tuning into your surrounding

Additional Activities

If there’s any optional activity you have set your heart on, whether it’s a bike or jet boat ride, a heli-hike or wine tour, it’s best to do your research of our Optional Activities Guide and pre book the experience before you arrive rather than trying to book just beforehand finding it’s sold out.

Our most popular tours for our Solo Travellers:

Kaka 17 Day Tour 
Kiwi 12 Day Tour  
Kakapo 21 Day Tour

For more information see our blog on Travelling New Zealand Alone

Solo travellers jumping for joy in the Eglinton Valley, Fiordland

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