In the early days, MoaTrek was New Zealand’s flagship youth tour company. We started in the early 70’s, offering camping tours that ran the length of the country.

Time and time again, our visitors rave about those special tour experiences that reveal the quintessential New Zealand, and down in Ashburton in the South Island, there is a little corner of paradise we'd love to introduce. 

New Zealand’s movie-star landscapes are famous the world over, but less well known is our uniquely kiwi wildlife. A small island the size of Japan at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand’s environment has evolved in isolation for millions of years.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and adding a little light adventure to your holiday in New Zealand promises to make your kiwi vacation even more unforgettable.

The natural grandeur of our landscapes is what New Zealand is most famous for – our cities tend to fly under the radar.