North Island Tours

Rotorua is a place that captivates the imagination. A stronghold for Maori, it’s pretty lakes, mountains and geothermal wonders are steeped in myths and legends.

Mount Cook
South Island Tours

Standing sentinel in the central South Island, Mount Cook – New Zealand’s highest peak – towers over turquoise lakes, glaciers and expansive countryside. It’s a part of New Zealand that is central to captivating Maori legends and the kiwi spirit of adventure.

Boats & Cruises
NZ Things to do

With thousands of kilometres of coastline and a temperate climate, New Zealand is an island nation with a passion for getting out on the water. 

NZ Food & Wine

We know that the culinary experiences of a country go hand in hand with travelling. There’s no better end to a day exploring New Zealand than sitting down with a glass of Central Otago Pinot Noir in hand and being served a beautifully made kiwi meal. At MoaTrek, we focus on quality food & wine experiences – we incorporate everything from down-to-earth cafes with a passion for fresh, local fare to a gourmet wine tasting tour at a premier vineyard.

North Island Tours

Northland is a key part of many of our small group tours and is home to unique New Zealand experiences. Here, there are miles of uninterrupted coastline as well as beautiful forests and waterfalls. But, time after time, we find it’s the people that make this place so special – relaxed, down-to-earth and passionate about the lifestyle they live. This magical combination of stunning natural features, early history and friendly locals makes Northland a uniquely kiwi place to include in a New Zealand vacation.

From the early days, New Zealand has been a nation with a unique mix of people and nationalities. This cultural melting pot has led to us developing our own distinct way of speaking - it’s English, but not as you’ve ever heard it before. Read on to find out about the various elements that have shaped the kiwi way of speaking and learn a few of our unique phrases for yourself.