Beautiful Canterbury Gardens in springtime

Touring New Zealand in Springtime

09 Jul 2014

Spring in New Zealand is characterised by crisp, sunny days, beautiful flowers in bloom and delicious ripening fruit. For lovers of nature, gardens and wildlife, Spring can be the optimal time to take a New Zealand tour.

There’s something beautifully refreshing about Spring time in New Zealand. Locals welcome the longer days that come with the beginning of daylight savings as well as the distinctly warmer weather. Baby animals dot the fields, and across the country flowers bloom into a riot of colour. Perhaps the most spectacular are the fields of purple, violet and blue lupins that grace the South Island high country – the colours contrast unforgettably against the turquoise blue lakes and golden hills of tussock. As you can imagine, the photographic opportunities in New Zealand during the Spring months are second-to-none.

Because New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, the months of Spring are September, October and November – but these are somewhat flexible and Spring can often continue into December. The weather can be a little unsettled during this time, but the emerald green flush across the fields and forests is worth the odd drizzly day. Festivals of every description take place from September onwards, offering visitors the opportunity to experience New Zealand’s passion for fashion, food, wine, music and the outdoors.

A Spring celebration

The World of Wearable Arts showcases spectacular works of wearable art from around the world and is the signature event of Spring. Set against a background of theatre, dance, drama, colour and music this elaborate show delights and enthrals audiences, stirring the imagination and adding a touch of magic to the place where fashion and art intersects.

Spring culinary delights

Spring time means seasonal, delicious produce – found all over the country in Local Farmer’s Markets – as well as fresh salmon and tender, tasty New Zealand lamb. Look for avocadoes, nectarines and strawberries in roadside stalls, and make sure to order roast lamb at least once during your visit – it’s a quintessentially kiwi dish that’s a consistent favourite with locals and visitors alike.

Spring gardens

New Zealand’s lovingly crafted gardens put on their best displays during the months of Spring. Camelias and Rhododendrons boast vivid trusses of red, white, pink and purple and the vibrant azaleas and seas of perennials further add to the symphony of colour. A dedicated New Zealand garden tour during springtime is sure to delight the avid green finger – this is the best way to see the most beautiful gardens the country has to offer and meet with their passionate and talented creators.


Inspired to visit New Zealand during springtime? Our range of small group tours showcases the best of New Zealand during spring. From a tour that incorporates the World of Wearable Arts Show to our dedicated Canterbury Springtime Gardens tour or a 3-week epic of the whole country, we truly offer something for everyone to make the most of springtime  in New Zealand.

09 Jul 2014
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